WOSKAN 3D Vision Intelligence WOSKAN AI LIMITED | 3D Vision Intelligence WOSKAN,3D Vision Intelligence,3D Measurement,3D Object Measurement,Beauty Industry,3D,UCL360,UCL WOSKAN is an innovative technology company focusing on developing low cost and high accuracy 3D face modeling solution by scanning. The company develop own technology since founded, and have obtained more than 100 patents in the field of AI of 3D technology. WOSKAN commit to deploy the 3D face scanning technology on intelligent medical beauty industry, 3D face recognition, AR game, etc. WOSKAN become the world's leading provider of AI and 3D face modeling solution by scanning,UCL360,UCL...
For iPhone X and iPad Pro
Woskan 3D Face Scanning DEMO
Make your iOS device become a smart 3D scanner, Get a high accuracy 3D model quickly and easily.
woskan 3D SDK Main Features for iOS and Android
Three ways to get high accuracy 3D Face image.Consumer device,Industrial proformance.
Make the consumer-grade 3D camera
become a professional-grade 3D camera.
Take 3 pictures of front, left and right side,
generate to a 3D pictures.Through AI in-depth learning of
nearly a million 3D face with different expressions,
Similarity reaches 95%.
Only need to take 2D picture, easy to get a high accuracy
3D Face model. Support both android and iOS.
The cheapest way to get 3D model.
WOSKAN 3D iOS FaceApp Feature
woskan FaceApp sdk was ready for Beauty Apps and Cosmetic Surgery Simulation
Completely data of facial feature points.
Easy to judge facial defects. Analysis reports are
made for each facial type.
AI in-depth learning the beautiful face image,
with digital matching, make the results of
adjustment more natural ..
Select two images and Merge them together
to get a new reference image.
Application Scene
WOSKAN 3D Face SDK provides customized services for Beauty Industry customers.
USE 3D technology to assist online AI consultants, get the services more accuracy and efficiency.
WOSKAN 3D Face SDK,available for Beauty APPs and Developers,
download the woskan 3D FaceApp to view the DEMO
If you want to get the FaceApp SDK to evaluate your own project, please contact with us by email,
our business team and technical support team will contact with you.