WOSKAN 3D Vision Intelligence WOSKAN AI LIMITED | 3D Vision Intelligence WOSKAN,3D Vision Intelligence,3D Measurement,3D Object Measurement,Beauty Industry,3D,UCL360,UCL WOSKAN is an innovative technology company focusing on developing low cost and high accuracy 3D face modeling solution by scanning. The company develop own technology since founded, and have obtained more than 100 patents in the field of AI of 3D technology. WOSKAN commit to deploy the 3D face scanning technology on intelligent medical beauty industry, 3D face recognition, AR game, etc. WOSKAN become the world's leading provider of AI and 3D face modeling solution by scanning,UCL360,UCL...
What WOSKAN 3D FaceApp Can Do?
The FaceApp can do 3D face Scanning and Modeling, Analysing and Deformation, Morphing and More....
Scanning Deformation Analysing Morphing
Scanning Deformation Analysing Morphing
Make 2D images to 3D model
Through in-depth learning of nearly a million 3D face AI with different expressions,
a 3D face image can be generated by one frontal 2D photo and two side photos, with a similarity of more than 95%.
Make 2D images to 3D model
Make 2D images to 3D model
3D Face Compression and Decompression
A novel and lightweight encryption algorithm, provoiding you with high quality 3D data
recoveryand enterprise-grade encryption for important data, and keeping these data safe from malicious users.
Multi-Platform Support
woskan multi-platform support for 3D scanning technology, assistant implementation of more application scenes
Base on iPhoneX and iPad Pro
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Make More Possible
Woskan 3D human face capture system
Capture a human face in 0.1 sec
Reconstruct 3D human face in 15 sec